Thursday, April 13, 4 to 10 p.m.

Depart from: Harney County Fairgrounds, 69660 S Egan Rd, Burns, OR 97720

Tour guide: Sam Artiaz



Description: Come over to the dark side, (with a little light) and meet these amazing birds best known in folklore and literature that still remain a bit of a mystery to most people. We will visit several different habitats, both natural and artificial, listen for owls, and, hopefully, have encounters of the nocturnal kind. We will start before dusk and search for owls at day roosts, followed by those that become active at dusk and others that are truly nocturnal. Several sites are on private property. Dress for cold weather, wear hiking boots and bring snacks and a small flashlight to aid in walking. Some optional daytime walks may be ½ mile.