Thursday, April 13, 6 to 7 p.m.

Location: Harney County Library, 80 W D Street, Burns, OR 97720

Led by: Alan Contreras, Author

Cost: Free to attend! Books available for purchase.



Description: A new book just out from Oregon State University Press includes several chapters that mention Malheur and its environs. Edited by Friends of Malheur Refuge board member Alan Contreras and two other leading Oregon bird observers, it covers early bird-related explorations beginning with the Lewis and Clark expedition and continuing through the mid-20th Century. This includes chapters on Charles E. Bendire, who studied the birds of Malheur Lake and nearby areas while stationed at Camp Harney in the late 19th Century, and William L. Finley and Herman Bohlman, who worked to establish Malheur and other refuges. In addition, the life and work of Ira Gabrielson, Stan Jewett and Dave Marshall is featured. All of them were involved in making Malheur a modern and successful refuge.