person holding happy birthday card

Happiness is an Inside Job

Your 🅿︎🅴🅰︎🅲🅴 starts with 🆈🅾︎🆄.

So often, we partner up with people to fill in the gaps of where we feel depleted. We expect them to make us feel more whole. We expect them to love us when we can’t love ourselves. We expect them to build us up when we feel shitty about ourselves. Truth bomb: that’s an illusion! 

First of all, that’s a lot of pressure to put on another person. Second of all, relationships with this dynamic aren’t usually sustainable because they’re not based in truth. 

Our happiness and fulfillment is not someone else’s responsibility. We must take responsibility for our own mental, physical & spiritual fitness. 

In what ways do you look to others in order to feel more complete? What is it that you really need that you seek from someone else? How can you start giving that to yourself?